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Partnership with
BC Training

Finer Point has teamed up with Gibraltar based training provider, BC Training, headed up by entrepreneur, female business ambassador and Success Coach, Brenda Cuby. Through Brenda’s efforts and her partnerships with top local freelance trainers, BC Training is Gibraltar’s premier training company, offering a comprehensive range of on-line and in-house courses that are expertly designed and passionately delivered. BC Training has been educating and supporting the business community in Gibraltar for the last 5 years and has built an impressive client portfolio.

Through partnering with BC Training, we are able to offer a selection of courses, workshops and seminars that cover a variety of subjects and learning styles. From traditional classroom based training to bespoke in-house delivery and interactive online courses, we cover an extensive range of hard and soft skills in both off-the-shelf and custom designed formats.

We’re passionate about training and the benefits it can bring to both individuals and businesses. Whether it’s about getting better at our work or developing ourselves as people, learning is exciting, inspiring and motivating. Together, we deliver real world, practical solutions that create a collaborative and inclusive culture, empower employees and deliver tangible improvements to the bottom line.

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