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Finer Point is a creative copywriting and content studio that offers a range of writing, editing and marketing services that focus on people and not products.

Words have power. Well written content is a creative force. It can project the authenticity of your brand in a way that is captivating and irresistable.

We collaborate with businesses and brands and help them engage, connect and grow through the awesome power of the written word both in digital and in print.
We delight and inspire with our narrative sparkle.
We produce engaging and believable SEO-friendly content.
We create a voice and a perspective that resonates.
We turn readers to customers and prospects to profits.

At Finer Point, we possess a writing ability built on passion, imagination and creativity that’s been honed over many years along with a deep understanding of human psychology.

We believe that wherever you look, there’s a story in everything that’s just waiting to be told…